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BBA Home Health Care LLC.
Brethren Better Assistance

What we do:

1- Skilled Nursing

2- Massage Therapy

3- Physical Therapy

4- Personal Care Assistant 

5- Live-In Companionship 

6- Non-Medical Transportation

Skilled Nursing

Our registered nurse is license in Virginia for 37 years in hospital and home health care industry.  Our nurse can help patients with vital sign, body temperature, pulse rate respiration rate and many more including patient data intake, case management, medical record review, assist with patient satisfaction surveys, diabetic management 

blood pressure and sugar screening, help with wounds, tubes, drainage and other treatments. 

Massage Therapy

Please Complete Health History Form Before Arriving 

Our licensed massage therapist is responsible for providing relaxation or treating body pain and discomfort through physical touch and moving a client’s muscles include meeting with clients to determine the type of massage they need, creating a relaxing ambiance in clients home and kneading or rubbing muscles to release tension.  Please check out our price list after insurance discount. Call American Specialty Health to get discount.  


Live-In Companionship 

Stay in home with the clients 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Please contact us for more details.

Personal Care Assistant:

Assisting clients with care such as grooming, washing and maintaining personal hygiene standards. Preparing and serving healthy, nutritious meals, taking into account any special dietary needs and personal preferences. Identifying activities that would appeal to the patients and ensuring that they are suitably stimulated. Preparing food and drinks for patients.

Physical Therapy

Provide treatments and exercises to help patients recover from illnesses and injuries include using various treatment techniques to develop personalized treatment relieve pain and increase mobility and giving instruction how to do the right exercise.


Non-Medical Transportation

Drive clients to shop, to restaurant, and to doctor's office and everything else our clients need.  


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